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Art Meditation – How to Meditate On Art
Meditating with art


Looking at art is an excellent way to calm down and clear your mind. It also helps you focus on something other than yourself.

How do I meditate effectively?

Looking at art is an excellent way to calm down and clear your mind. It also helps you focus on something other than yourself. Here’s how to start.

First, Breathe.

To begin your practice, take five deep breaths, to calm your body and get you into the zone.

Notice How You Feel.

Look at the artwork. What is your initial impression and feelings about the piece? Take a mental note of the overall feeling or emotions it gives you.

Focus on the Colours.

Start by looking at the colours in the art. You can do this by focusing on the shapes, lines, textures, and patterns. What colours do you see? Are they bright or dull? Dark or light?

Fine Art Photography Prints Hanging on Wall

Look for Patterns.

Next, focus on the details. Start with the foreground, and work your way to the background. Notice the light source, and any other elements that make up the piece. Look at what is in focus in the image, and what is blurry, or out of focus.

Imagine Yourself Being There.

Now imagine yourself being in the scene. What feelings or sensations would you feel? What sounds would you hear? Imagine you are inside the picture, feeling, smelling and hearing everything that is there.

Don’t Forget to Keep Breathing.

Make sure you continue to breathe throughout the practice. I know that I often hold my breath throughout the day, so meditation is the perfect time to remind myself to breathe and relax.

Take five more deep breaths before you finish your practice.

How Do You Feel Now?

Now that you are finished your art meditation, how do you feel? Do you feel more relaxed? More focused?

Art meditation is a great way to meditate, especially if you struggle with distraction. It gives you something to focus on, while reconnecting with your mind and body.

I really struggled with meditation when I first started. I would get frustrated with all the chatter in my head, and feel like it wasn’t working. I was always trying to work out “how” to meditate. But now I realise there is no “one” right way. Whatever feels right to you, is the right way to do it. It takes consistency to know what is right for you and to have confidence in your meditation practice.

If you would like to follow a guided audio meditation with a calming piece of my artwork, click here to view the free video and get started right now.

Art meditation with beach photo