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Rippled Reflections


Clarks Beach, Manukau Harbour

It doesn’t get much better than this. I love the reflections from the sunset in the puddles and rock pools.

Clarks Beach is so tidal, you get some amazing reflections at sunset. The pools of water on the beach turn into mirrors on a calm night. It’s like everything lights up!

I love the way that the ripples in the sky look like the ripples in the sand. They kind of blend together on the beach, making it hard to tell where the ripples in the sand stop and the clouds start.

This is one of the my shots that is more obviously Clarks Beach because of the pohutukawas on the point poking into the frame. As well as focusing on the sky and reflections from the sunset, I wanted to capture a little bit of land in there. As a little hint of where the photo was taken.

The perfect piece of art for your wall to remind you of home.

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